We are proud to announce our 36th season!

Show times are as follows for all productions:

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM
Sundays at 2:00 PM

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Children’s Theatre)

This dramatic tour of Willy Wonka’s world-famous Chocolate Factory brings to life Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, Grandpa George, Grandma Georgina, Willy Wonka and, of course, Charlie himself.

Director: Audrey Fritz

Audition Dates: August 5 and 6, 2013, 7 PM
Age Range: Kindergarten to 9th Grade

Performance Dates: September 20 – 29, 2013

Adult Season

Mama Won’t Fly

An outrageously hilarious race against the clock begins when Savannah Sprunt Fairchild Honeycutt agrees to get her feisty mother all the way from Alabama to California in time for her brother’s wedding. Savannah’s problem: Mama won’t fly. With only four days to make it to the ceremony, this determined daughter has no choice but to drive cross-country with her equally willful mother, Norleen Sprunt, in Mama’s vintage sedan. Every conceivable—and inconceivable—mishap that can occur does. This ferociously funny, family-friendly Jones-Hope-Wooten comedy will have you laughing your way across the country and all the way down the aisle!

Director: Heather Clarke O’Brien

Audition Dates: September 23 and 24, 2013, 7 PM

Performance Dates: November 8 – 24, 2013


The Psychic

Winner of the 2011 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allen Poe Awards Best Play.

The Psychic follows the chaotic life of Adam Webster, a down-on-his-luck writer, who has put a sign in his apartment window, in desperation to make the rent: “Psychic Readings $25.” The sign soon draws the interest of the lovely and conflicted Laura; her shady husband, Roy; Roy’s mistress; Rita, a gangster named Johnny Bubbles; and ace Detective Norris Coslow.

In the surprising twists that follow, The Psychic entangles Adam in a hilarious murder mystery that you won’t want to miss!

Director: Rob Fritz

Audition Dates: November 18 and 19, 2013, 7 PM

Performance Dates: January 10 – 26, 2014 (including January 23)


Almost, Maine

On a cold, clear, moonless night in the middle of winter, all is not quite what it seems in the remote, mythical town of Almost, Maine. As the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, Almost’s residents find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and often hilarious ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend—almost—in this delightful midwinter night’s dream.

Audition Dates: Jan. 13 and 14, 2014, 7 PM

Performance Dates: March 21 – April 6, 2014


Grits and Gravy (Teen Theatre)

In a desperate attempt to save money and boost ratings, the President of the Letz Eat Television Network, Robert Gourmet, sends his reporters to the small town of Magnolia Blossom, Alabama, to cover the town’s annual Grits and Gravy Festival. Held annually at the local truck stop, this extravaganza features a pageant with three very competitive contestants, whose talents include taxidermy and putting a Corvette engine on a John Deere tractor. Citizens, visitors, reporters, and network viewers and actors all combine to tell a truly hilarious tale of small town quirkiness, network mismanagement and fried food.

Audition Dates: April 14 and 15, 2014, 7 PM
Age Range: 13 to 18

Performance Dates: June 13 – 22, 2014