Performance Dates: January 20 – February 5, 2017 (special performance on Feb. 2)

Instead of relishing life after her heart transplant, Joy enters a downward spiral, unsure whether she truly deserves a second chance. Meanwhile, Alice and Hank mourn the loss of their son, Jack, whose heart was used to save Joy. At a friend’s urging, Joy tracks down Jack’s family to find closure. But are Alice, Hank, and their daughter Sammy ready to accept Jack’s death? Based on a true story, The Tin Woman uses humor and pathos to explore loss, family, and what it means to be given new life.

Director: Glenda Thurmond
Joy – Nicole Phifer Huett
Jack – Curt Whirl
Hank – Steve Phifer
Alice – Dorinda Morrison-Garrard
Sammy – Alicia Bush
Nurse/Darla – Angela Penny