Law & Disorder

Performance Dates: November 3 – 19, 2017

Eager to earn Brownie points at her law firm, Kate, an ambitious attorney, agrees to escort her boss’s nephew, Scott, around town and show him the sights. Kate meets Scott at a fancy French restaurant and discovers, to her horror, that not only is Scott a barefooted, tobacco-spitting, unemployed hillbilly from Arkansas, but he has fallen in love with her at first sight. Desperate to dump Scott but not wanting to offend her boss, Kate elicits the help of her friend, Mark, to pose as her ex-husband, a mob boss who looks a lot like Elvis. But behind the scenes, Kate’s chief rival at the law firm has a scheme to force Kate out of the firm permanently by convincing Scott that he should propose marriage to Kate ASAP.

Director: Alicia Bush
Audition Dates: TBD

Written by Will Radford. Winner, 2006 McLaren Memorial Playwriting Competition
Produced by special arrangement with Big Dog Plays

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