Grits and Gravy – Teen Production

Audition Dates: April 7 and 8, 2014 at 7 PM

Age Range: 12 to 18

Cast: up to 23

Director: Robby Hartley

Performance Dates: June 13 – 22, 2014

Perusal scripts will be available at the Lake Wales Public Library.


In a desperate attempt to save money and boost ratings, the President of the Letz Eat Television Network, Robert Gourmet, sends his reporters to the small town of Magnolia Blossom, Alabama, to cover the town’s annual Grits and Gravy Festival. Held annually at the local truck stop, this extravaganza features a pageant with three very competitive contestants, whose talents include taxidermy and putting a Corvette engine on a John Deere tractor. Citizens, visitors, reporters, network viewers and actors all combine to tell a truly hilarious tale of small town quirkiness, network mismanagement and fried foods.

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