Dead to the Last Drop – the second production of the 2012-2013 season. In this murder-mystery-comedy, the audience helps discover who did the dastardly deed – and the ending can change every night!

Synopsis: There’s murder afoot at the “Cafe Caffeine”, a popular coffeehouse and bookstore…and it’s up to you to identify the killer! In this audience-participation murder mystery, the crazy cast of characters will lead you through a maze of funny twists and turns before the audience is allowed to vote on the killer. Will it be the flamboyant dancer? The Ph. D. in English Literature? The graduate of “Our Lady of Perpetual Entertainment”? Someone else? Murder shouldn’t be this much fun!

Director: Rob Fritz
Stage Manager: Destiny Barger

Performance Dates: January 11 – 27, with a performance on January 24

Show times: 7:30 PM Fridays and Saturdays, 2 PM on Sundays

Phil Hagen – Dr. Bill Kildare
Robby Hartley – Tully Mansley
Bethany Malady – Miranda De Vere
Pat Schatz – Ariel Ford
Curt Whirl – Robert Ludzeski
Kara Wiseman – Clarice Page