Let’s Hang Him and Read the Will (Teen Production)

June 14 – 23, 2013

Synopsis: All is not well in the little burg of Beautyrest Springs. It’s most prominent (and hated) citizen, F. Mycroft Tanner, did himself in. At least that’s what Sheriff Harold Tyred reports in between his visits with Martha the maid, who is also seeing Percy the gardener, who is sweet on Freida the reporter, who really wants the inside scoop on Mycroft’s death (and his rather plush will). If you think it’s all too confusing, wait until two people show up claiming to be the same long-lost daughter, the murdered maid’s older sister puts in an appearance, and a tour guide starts bringing groups through the scene of the crime. This riotous spoof is full of soap opera-isms and will keep you guessing until the last suspect you suspected is no longer a suspect.

Director: Robby Hartley (directing debut)

Cast List:

Lye Jacksboro- Ky Beyer
Thora Lou Backcome- Miranda Rodden
Miss Sparrow- Kalaya Beyer
Margo McMenace- Morgan
Martha Lysol- Abby Karen Belonger
Sheriff Harold Tyred- Stephen Ullom
Percy Wateryard- CJ Harrison
Freida Post- Thalia Alcantar
Herbie Handeman- Sean Paul Adams
Cleo Patrelle- Sarah Hankins
Jemmy Jean- Sydney Tucker
Billy Jo- Crystal Nieves
Lamar Lee Rascal- Kyle Hall
Doc Liverworth- Shane Beyer
Cleo Patrelle 2- Maranda Harrell
Bertha Babbles- Barbara Webb
Tour Guide- Kendall Katina
Pizza Girl- Kayli Higginbothom
Patient- Sarah Ullom
Towns Person- Caleb Willis