Diary of a Wallflower

Teen Theatre
Audition Dates: April 10 & 11
Time: 7 PM
Performance Dates: June 15 – 26, 2017
Director: Robby Hartley
Ages: 13 to 18, 5 Males, 8 Females

Synopsis: High school junior Charlotte Walden is convinced that she’s virtually invisible. Madison Truesdale’s popular clique doesn’t know she’s alive. Even her one friend, Gabby, doesn’t always notice or listen to her. And her mom is rarely around since she’s working long hours. Is it any wonder Charlotte begins to write in her diary? At least “Dear Diary” will listen! As Charlotte embraces her wallflower status, she also gradually learns that there are people who care, people to whom she becomes more and more visible day by day. Through her work on a class assignment, she finds a new role model who says she was just like Charlotte growing up. Empowered with hope for the future, she sheds some of her disillusionment, and realizes that she’s not alone. In fact, she never has been.

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