Due to the corona virus outbreak the remainder of the season has been cancelled. 

Lake Wales Little Theatre has been monitoring updates on the impact of the COVID-19
virus to our state and community, our priority is to make sure we continue to make our
little theatre a safe environment.

Considering the recent updates, at this time we will unfortunately be cancelling the Teen
Show Auditions and all show dates of the Teen Production Jukebox Diner. We are
saddened to not be able to provide our youth with a production this year. The safety of
our teens, stage crew and volunteers are extremely important to LWLT. If you are a
2020 Senior, who was interested in auditioning for the Teen Production, please follow
our Facebook page for some information coming soon.

If you have tickets for one or more of the Jukebox Diner presentations, we are offering
you a refund or if you would like the ability to change your refund to a donation or Gift
Certificate for next season. Our Box Office will be contacting everyone in the next few
days. We appreciate your patience as we reach out to each patron.

If you have purchased tickets you can email us at lwlttickets@gmail.com and provide
your name, date your tickets are purchased for, phone number and indicate whether
you would like a refund, donation, or Gift Certificate. If you would like a refund, please
state the address that you would like the refund mailed to. Please give us some time to
process your refund, donation, or Gift Certificate.

LWLT wants to thank you all for your continued patronage and support of our little
theatre. We are deeply saddened that we are not able to provide some normalcy in this
time of need, but we want to make sure everyone stays healthy and safe.


Having Hope at Home

Directed by Glenda Thurmond

Carolyn has one evening to cook a three-course turkey dinner, make peace with her parents, get married in her grandmother's dress and hide the fact that she's in labor. What could possibly go wrong? Having Hope at Home is a side-splitting look at a family learning to love again. On a cold winter night, in a drafty farmhouse, Carolyn goes into labor just as her parents arrive for dinner. She can't tell them she's having a home birth, as her father is the head of gynecology at the local hospital. She has to pretend everything is normal including passing off the midwife as the vet. Good intentions dissolve as modern medicine meets midwifery in a torrent of family feuding over where this baby should be born. As tensions rise between the three stubborn generations of family members, so does the laughter. It takes some serious truth-telling and a baby's birth to heal the rift in this hilarious, heartwarming story of forgiveness and hope. A light comedy with serious intentions, the play shows us how the human heart sometimes takes the long way home.

Written by David S. Craig and produced by arrangement with Dramatic Publishing.

Performance Dates: November 8 - 24, 2019


Single Wide, The Musical

Directed by Rob Fritz

Katy may live in a tiny trailer in an even tinier trailer park, but that does not stop her from having enormous dreams. A story of challenge, determination, grit, and hope, this new musical features a toe-tapping country/pop score. Single Wide will inspire you to reach for the stars and follow your dreams.

Musical Written By: George Nelson and Jordan Kamalu.  Produced by arrangement with Rebel Belle Publishing.

Performance Dates: January 10 - 26, 2020


Super Freaks

Lois Lancaster is a big-city journalist writing about the current state of mental health facilities. Her research takes her to a hospital populated with a unique group of quirky inmates who imagine they are crime-fighting superheroes. Speed Freak thinks he can run at incredible speeds, while Dim Bulb, the most enthusiastic person on the face of the earth, thinks he has the ability to turn off lights with his brain. Mental thinks she can read minds, despite being prone to sudden outbursts of bizarre non-sequiturs. Kevin, much less quirky and flamboyant than the other inmates, doesn’t embarrass himself with a ridiculous code name or costume...at least, not initially. Dr. Gail Eisner appears to be a kindly hospital administrator, a steady influence needed to effectively run a madhouse like this one. At first Lois finds their elaborate superhero fantasies to be an entertaining diversion, the wild delusions of unstable minds, until something unusual happens that makes her wonder .... Easy to stage and insanely fun for cast and audiences alike. (This script is also available in a community theatre version entitled "Insane With Power." A one-act version is "Superhero Sanitarium.")

Written by Scott Haan and produced by arrangement with Eldridge Publishing.



The Juke Box Diner

(Teen Production) Directed by Robby Hartley.

The one-liners and puns never end in this hilarious comedy! Everyone in town is eager for Shelby, a big-time country-music star, to arrive from Nashville to attend Uncle Roy’s memorial service. Hoping to convince Shelby to move home, get married, and have a family, Shelby’s mother sets her up on a blind date with Luke Duncan, a thrice-divorced ex-con who works at the local hardware store. Meanwhile, Shelby’s brother makes plans to leave the diner to pursue a singing career in Nashville, but no one has the heart to tell him he can’t sing including his friends, a Mr. Potato Head model and a mountain man/aspiring stand-up comedian. Then on the day of the memorial service, everyone discovers Uncle Roy was a bit of a womanizer when all his girl friends show up wearing identical dresses, Uncle Roy’s secret son is revealed, and Uncle Roy arrives at his own memorial service in the form of a cake!

Written by Eddie McPherson and produced by arrangement with Big Dog Publishing.

Performance Dates:TBD